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Who Owns what

You may not realize that many of the funeral homes in Bilston and the surrounding towns are not locally owned, but operated by huge chains and multinational conglomerates. Because we are family owned you have more choices and the highest level of personal care.

As a family owned funeral home serving Bilston, the Ellsmore family remains dedicated to providing quality funeral services at affordable pricing. We offer a better, more personal way to plan and create remembrance services that are personalised to your loved one. We are locally owned and specialise in offering your family the greatest value. Our success is attributed to focusing on families first while providing peace of mind at a price you can afford.


On first thought, the fact that we are a family owned funeral home may not mean much to you. But consider this: since we work here in Bilston, your hard earned money goes directly to supporting local families and businesses in your community. We use local vendors and support numerous non-profit organisations right here in Bilston and Wolverhampton.

While they may have been operating in our community for years, and their names have not changed, Jennings and F.W. Collins have been sold to national and international conglomerates. These funeral service conglomerates keep the original family name on their businesses because they know that at your greatest time of need you are more likely to turn to a local business you feel you can trust, than to a national chain you know nothing about.

The following is a list of such conglomerates and the funeral homes they are operating in the Bilston and Wolverhampton area:

Dignity PLC  (stock symbol: DTY)  The UK’s largest funeral conglomerate owning more than 800 funeral homes Dignity owns 100% of the following locations operating in our area:
• FW Collins, Bilston
• Jennings, Bilston
• Jennings, Wolverhampton
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Funeral Partners Ltd 
The 3rd largest funeral conglomerate in the UK with over 150 funeral homes. Funeral Partners Ltd owns 100% of the following locations operating in our area:
• Roy Quinton, Wolverhampton and Walsall
• Burgess & Harper, Wolverhampton
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Corporately owned funeral homes pose as a “Mom and Pop” operation, attempting to reap the goodwill developed over prior generations. More concerned with sales goals, bonuses, volume targets, and keeping shareholders happy, the corporate owned funeral home charges 30-40% more on average than its independently owned competition. Don’t expect the conglomerate owned business to advertise their affiliation or ownership out in the open.

We are accountable to you and your family – not to stockholders and investors