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Funeral & Burial Plans

When someone, unfortunately, passes away, it is a very sad time to have to think about making funeral arrangements and it can be difficult for bereaved people to know where to turn to. We want to be able to help you and provide the best advice during this sad time.

Following a death, it is required that it is registered officially within five days. This is normally done with the registrar in the local authority in which the person passed away. Once registered, it will then be possible to obtain the necessary documents.

Different people can register a death including relatives of the deceased, anyone present at the time of death, anyone who lives in the house where the deceased passed, anyone making funeral arrangements apart from a funeral director.

Appointments will have to be made with the local authority registrar at the registry office and you will need to provide them with the full name of the person who has died, their address, date of birth, place and time of death, their occupation (if any) and a Death Certificate.

There may be circumstances whereby deaths must be reported to a coroner. This will involve an inquest or post mortem which will potentially delay any plans for funeral arrangements. If a coroner is assigned, there will be no death certificate.

Once all of the formalities are completed, and you have come to us to take care of your arrangements and we have your loved one in our care, we will act with nothing but respect and dignity.

Once we have the body of the deceased, we recommend that we undergo an embalming treatment process as this will delay the natural stages of a body following death. We also recommend this if the body to be visited in the chapel of rest. You can even request for your loved once to be dressed in their own clothing should you wish.

We can take care of all the preparations but you can be involved as much as you wish and begin to make arrangements for the funeral and any burial plans.