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Funeral Services Sparkhill

Funerals are an emotionally difficult thing for many people to have to plan and arrange. Ellsmore Funerals can be there to help you during this difficult time and take care of any funeral plans and arrangements you may have. Funerals are very final and an opportunity to goodbye to our loved ones in Sparkhill.

We are on hand to go through all of the options available and help to make sure that the funeral is personalised and carried out in accordance with yours and the deceased’s wishes and intentions.

Funeral services can be traditional, and religion led or can be modern and non-faith led dependant on what your loved ones wishes or beliefs were.

You can come to our funeral home to make arrangements and ask all the questions you may have to our expert team on hand to help and support you. Sparkhill

We can arrange for burials or cremations depending on your choice. Cremations can cost much less than burials. Depending on your area and space availability in local cemeteries, the cost of burials can be very expensive so please consider this when making arrangements.

Funeral services can be held in local churches or chapels in cemeteries. We can also assist if you wish to have service conducted elsewhere.

Take time to think about where you would like the funeral service to take place and what you would like to do after the service. A small gathering in a local bar or restaurant or community hall?

You may not wish to have any religious element in the funeral you are planning. We can help to arrange humanist services in Sparkhill, which have no religious theme.

When you speak to a funeral director about the funeral you will be asked a number of questions including, what sort of coffin you would like, whether you would like flowers, information on the life of the person you knew.

We can also assist with helping you choose a casket, clothes for the deceased, transportation, flowers or charity donations, eulogy writing, invitations and booklet handouts.