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Gravestones & Headstones Brineton

Losing a loved one is a very difficult thing to come to terms with and there will be many formalities that you will have to undertake.

Gravestones and headstones date back to 3,000 B.C and in the 1600’s tombstones and monuments made from sandstone or slate were place to commemorate the deceased..

Many bereaved family members in and around Brineton will want some form of memorial for the deceased, and this for many people takes the form of a gravestone. This will be a timeless memorial for your loved one and memorialises their life.

If you think a gravestone/headstone is something you want, we can help you choose something suitable that best represents your loved one. There are also ways you can choose more bespoke options for your memorial.

Often terms are overused on a gravestone or headstone, such as ‘in loving memory’, it may be worth considering other ways to express this meaning such as ‘remembered with love’.

Making such a choice is a very difficult thing to do for many people and we understand that with such a large range of memorial choices and products available this will require some thought and time to reach a decision agreed by all.

With the large range that we are able to offer in Brineton, we are sure that you will find something suitable in the style that you may be looking for. We source all of our range from high-quality stonemasons. Our range includes traditional and more modern designs in different colours. All of the range we provide can be fully customised with engraving available, plaques and markers and location.

It is important to consider a number of factors when choosing a gravestone or headstone, they main thing to remember is not to rush your decision as it is important to not regret the style or inscription you have chosen.

Our range is of the highest quality as we know these are very personal memorial pieces. We are on hand to help you choose something befitting and truly memorialising the life of your loved one.

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