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Funeral Services

Funerals are an emotionally difficult thing for many people to have to plan and arrange. Ellsmore Funerals can be there to help you during this difficult time and take care of any funeral plans and arrangements you may have. Funerals are very final and are the best way to say goodbye to someone who has passed away.

Funeral & Burial Arrangements

When someone, unfortunately, passes away, it is a very sad time to have to think about making funeral arrangements and it can be difficult for bereaved people to know where to turn to. We want to be able to help you and provide the best advice during this sad time.

Gravestones & Headstones

Many bereaved family members will want some form of memorial for the deceased, and this for many people takes the form of a gravestone. This will be a timeless memorial for the passed on loved one and memorialises their life.