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Undertakers Hazelslade

Funeral directors can be referred to as ‘undertakers’ which is an old-fashioned term. These are professionals who provide funeral services to bereaved families and indeed the deceased.

The three main roles an undertaker has is that of event planners, advice givers and service providers, all of which should be to the highest standards to ensure you get the best possible service and care for you or your loved one.

These professionals are experts in taking care of the deceased and preparing them for burial or cremation. Using embalming processes and cosmetic artistry, they can help preserve the deceased’s body and help it look presentable and as natural as possible for the funeral service.

In addition to preparing the body, funeral directors or undertakers will help to prepare and arrange any other services, need in Hazelslade and surrounding areas, as per the families’ wishes.

They can arrange catering, flowers, seating and funeral related stationery such as leaflets and eulogy writing.

In addition to the above, they can also help with other arrangements following a death such as dealing with life insurance companies, obituary arrangements, and general advice for bereaving families such as taking care of the deceased’s finances, banking, household utilities and other tax formalities.

The term undertaker comes from the 17th century when, in medieval times the word ‘undertaker’ was used for anyone undertaking a task. The term ‘funeral undertaker’ was then abbreviated and the term became widely used.

The time following a death is a very difficult and sad time and understandably it will be difficult to focus on formalities that need taking care of. We are on hand to help you through this difficult and mentally and physically demanding process. You can ask us all the questions you may have and we will support you. Hazelslade